Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday, June 05, 2006

More Legislation for Money-Grubbing Pond Scum

While there have been many, MANY, more insidious pieces of legislation to come about in recent years, my darling "Mr. Liberaltruthsayer" forwarded this to me and I think it is something to get active about. Pass it along, call the peeps on the list, make noise!


Simply put, SIRA fundamentally redefines copyright and fair use in the digital world. It would require all incidental copies of music to be licensed separately from the originating copy. Even copies of songs that are cached in your computer's memory or buffered over a network would need yet another license. Once again, Big Copyright is looking for a way to double-dip into your wallet, extracting payment for the same content at multiple levels.

What they are REALLY afraid of....


Impeach Bush PSA's

Ask your local radio station to air these PSA's...this is a GREAT PROJECT!

Bar Association to Review Signing Clauses


William Sessions , a retired federal judge who was the director of the FBI under both Reagan and President George H.W. Bush , said he agreed to participate because he believed that the signing statements raise a "serious problem" for the American constitutional system. "I think it's very important for the people of the United States to have trust and reliance that the president is not going around the law," Sessions said. "The importance of it speaks for itself."

Still waiting for someone to stop this guy...