Friday, January 26, 2007

Scalia On Gore v. Bush: "Get Over It"

In his own dismissive style, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, when asked recently about the Gore v. Bush case in 2000, where the Supremes ruled that counting all the votes would impinge on Bush's civil liberties (as for the rest of us, well, we don't count) said, "It's water over the deck, get over it!"

The flippant remark was made at Iona College.

I am among the many Americans who will never "get over it." That act was nothing less than a coup, and delivered unjustly control of the government to the hands of a corporate puppet, determined to suck every penny from the treasury of the United States, and as much oil from the middle east as possible. I think we can get it back, but it is going to require a great deal of strength and committment from our people.

Get over it...doesn't that tick you off too?

NY Post Slurs With "Sombrero" Remark

Earlier this week The New York Post put out an article (well for them it was substantive, but it was no more than a blurb) with the headline "N.M. Gov Throws Sombrero Into Ring," the author clearly afraid to attempt to spell New Mexico and Governor. Many bloggers around the political circles have expressed outrage and shock at this apparent slur against Richardson, a Hispanic man.

I think it is pretty tasteless, but we do have to remember that this is the New York POST, hardly a beacon of journalistic integrity. But can you imagine if they had allowed the headline of "Hillary Clinton Tosses Apron into the Ring"? Or perhaps even, "Barak Obama Chucks Spear into the Ring," what consequences would have come from one of those two scenarios?

We are in an unusual position this election cycle with a great field of diverse and inspiring candidates, and each one has something unique to offer, but the NY Post didn't mention any of the amazing things Richardson brings to the race, like an incredible record of public service, a brilliant executive mind who manages to make progressive changes and still manage the public funds with unquestionable restraint and responsibility. A man of such stellar diplomatic abilities that he is able to secure peace accords, nonproliferation treaties, and hostage releases around the globe, earning him four nominations for the Nobel Prize for Peace.

So, say what you want about a sombrero, but this man brings us something really special, the ability to get a democrat in the White House who makes liberals and conservatives happy. It's all about the Win Win, right?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bill Richardson Announces Exploratory Committee

The day I have waited so incredibly long for has arrived....

Richardson for President

That is the link to the website for Governor Bill Richardson's exploratory committee, which launched this morning with an announcement on the website, and on This Week with George Stephanopolis. The campaign website is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Great visuals, wonderful video. I especially enjoyed The New Mexico Comeback video, which illustrates the many MANY accomplisments that Richardson has made as Governor.

On a personal note, I would like to introduce you to a website that is under construction but set to be full of content by next Friday, January 26th, Richardson Brings Hope. This website is a grassroots effort, created by members of the Richardson blog community, including myself and my wonderful husband Charles, Jeff Gulko and Ken Bulko (no relation, amazingly enough...) of America for Richardson, Michelle Lindsey of Colorado for Richardson, with the wonderful technical support of our dear friend Murthi Nemani and outstanding graphic design of Ryan Paiva. We are very proud of this website, and will be even prouder when it is done! So take a sneak peek, but don't forget to come back.

I would also like to apologize for being a lazy blogger lately. You may notice that this entry lacks photos...well the reason for that is my frankenputer died. I think I wore it out. Poor old Frank, hopefully he is not beyond resuscitation. I had to switch over to a borrowed laptop to work this week, and right now I am writing from the spare bedroom of my grandmother's home, as the result of being stuck in Albuquerque for the night. Yet another snowstorm has left me stuck, and my husband and children are 30 miles away and I miss them too much.

So, keep tuned to Liberaltruthsayer for updates on the Richardson campaign, and don't forget to drop by the official campaign website Richardson for President and the grassroots website Richardson Brings Hope!