Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bill Clinton's Reply to Ann "Bony Ass" Coulter

as seen on Letterman.....

Today in Weather

Birth Pangs of a New Middle East?

Seriously? Birth Pangs?? Now I have four children and have known suffering but I am the last person to compare the agony of labor with war. Oh and Condi, pain is childbirth, pangs means you want a Snickers Bar.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Shiny Happy People Folding Arms

This is a really lovely two shot. In many ways it looks like Blair is thinking seriously about kicking Bush's ass for ruining his political career and destroying the faith his countrymen have in him, but the eyes betray his true pain and sadness. Tony Blair knows he has bought a one way ticket on the crazy train.

Mel Gibson Arrested for DUI

It is really sad when right wing icons get busted for behavior unbecoming moral upstanding citizens. And funny. Its more than just a little funny. Thanks Mel!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm your Puppet

You can always tell when relations between Bush and foreign leaders are tense, when they are photographed NOT holding hands (here with Iraqui Prime Minister Al-Maliki, who is in Washington facing the troubling question, "Just what part of PUPPET do you not get?")

Word Wars

Today's super Scrabble plays of the day...

I played INFECTS for 94 though INFECTS 94 looks like the back half of a bad news headline.

My opponent in another game played HONEYED for 102 in a game where my good tile was a V reducing me to rubble.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fox News Reporting of World Events

I turned the TV for the briefest of moments yesterday to Fox News. I watched in amazement at their sunny coverage of the situation in the middle east, and it reminded me of something, but I couldn't put my finger on it until just now....


Israel: Chemical Warfare Cover-Up?

Yesterday CNN was running a story of a family from Tyre. In the attack that killed their father two Lebanese children had suffered what appeared to be chemical burns. The son, about 9 I think, had such a badly burned face he was hallucinating, I don't know if they thought he would survive, and his sister, 8 months old, had burns too. The mother was beside herself, but I believe uninjured. Well the doctor treating the children believed from the nature and smell of the burns that they had been attacked with phosphorous.

Mysteriously this report was scrubbed from CNN's site.

Last night, my cohort emailed a link to me, as he is oft to do, from Daily Kos.

Well I sent this to my husband, who is always inclined to verify the information his commie pinko wife sends to him and found this lovely article...

Unique weapons. Now there is a really special euphemism. They are quick to stress that white phosphorous is in compliance with international laws of confrontation, as long as it is used on a battlefield and not on civilians...I am sure that they can twist the evidence and logic to get away with this, after all, they are backed 100% by the Bush Administration, who is the leader in war crimes and atrocities.

Big Bowl of Hate and Seething Rage Today

Well it is two weeks into the conflict between Israel and Lebanon, which has completely overshadowed the atrocities we are committing in Iraq (Bush has got to be loving this!) Yesterday reports of possible chemical weapons attacks being launched against Lebanon by Israel began to hit mainstream news...CNN anyway. If this is true how can we continue to support Israel? Oh right, we are the leaders in violating international law and standards of civility...haha forgot...right.

Late last night Governor Richardson was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, making sense, talking about having a permanent middle east peace envoy, how that has been a part of every administration for decades except the current one. How Condi should have been in the region from the start and while supporting Israel he urged her to try to support the Lebanese government to aid them in marginalizing Hezbollah. He looked quite presidential, unlike that shaved ape in the White House. He didn't say "shit" once, and he seemed quite engaged in the situation. Please run, Bill.

Meanwhile, in Batshitcrazyville, the evangelicals are taking a responsible tone...


Why aren't more people terrified by the notion of fundamentalists who believe in the destruction of the world, the destruction of people of opposing faiths, the revelation and the rapture being the ones in possession of the launch sequences? The "Left Behind Crowd" is in charge and clearly excited to be witness to the rapture.

Of course the biblethumping nutbags do have a point, the situation in the middle east, compounded with weather oddities and global disasters do feel pretty biblical in nature. But I am terrified that people who see the bible's predictions of the end times are in charge at the moment and may be trying to make manifest these predictions. Sorry, I am enjoying my life right now, and I want my children to have the same chance at a wonderful life, love and family.

I am going to start making and selling tinfoil hats, I think, on LTS. I figure I can support my eBay habit. If you want a tinfoil hat email me at 10% discount for liberal bloggers. Governor Richardson supporters get a 25% discount. Governor Richardson can have one for free.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


(AP) Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq said they were under orders to "kill all military age males," according to sworn statements obtained by The Associated Press.
The soldiers first took some of the men into custody because they were using two women and a toddler as human shields. They shot three of the men after the women and child were safe and say the men attacked them..... THAT is strategery.