Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why is Impeachement Off the Table, Speaker Pelosi?

This picture just has creepy all over it.

Speaker Pelosi, I was so excited about your ascension to leadership in the US House...until I discovered that you are totally unwilling to stand up to Bush. Listen, it is obstruction of justice NOT to pursue impeachement of this administration, and it is high time you did what we wanted you to do when you took power (this goes for all you congressional ninnies). Get us out of Iraq, get Bush and Cheney on a witness stand, and restore our faith in America, for crying out loud.

And keep your paws off the shaved ape.

Tim Russert is Gone

You know those emails, everyone gets them, especially women. "Get to know your friends!" Change the answers to the questions and send out to all your buddies. Well without fail there was always a question, "What is your favorite sport?" and my answer was always "the Sunday morning pundit shows." For me, the slogan said it all, "If it's Sunday, It's Meet the Press."

Many liberals, certainly in the blogosphere, felt that Russert was too hard on Democrats. I saw it too, but I didn't disagree with the need to be. I have always said that you expect bullshit and pandering from the right, but you hold the democrats to a higher standard (and if they are bullshitting panderers best to root them out quickly).

From all accounts, Tim Russert was a guy you wanted to know. He was warm, likeable, and full of entusiasm and intellect. I am so sorry for his family, his friends, and for the rest of us who counted on Tim to cut through the crap and get to the heart of the matter. I am sorry for Tim, who won't get to see the outcome of this election that he cared so much about.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain Says Obama Would Be Bad for Business

Exhibiting just how out of touch he is with reality, McCain is on the stump railing against an Obama presidency and its potential effects on the economy. This is the guy who has voted with Bush 95% of the time, and under his "leadership" we have sunk our treasure in a protracted war (that he wishes to continue for the next 100 to 1000 years), and allowed the insurance industry, sub-prime mortgage industry, credit industry, and oil industry to rob us blind for the past eight years. His argument is that this is working, and we need to continue. Stay the course. A thousand points of light.

Give me a break, McCain. We are in desperate trouble, and you want to dig us in deeper. Stay the course is not an option. Your policies have dessimated the middle class, and increased the ranks of the working poor. We won't sign up for four more years.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Best of luck in the private sector.

Fox News ED Hill is Certifiably Insane

According to Fox News's ED Hill (R-Blonde) the knuckle bonk (gimme some love) is a terrorist move. Rachael Maddow says that we should mock these freaks for making shameful allegations, and I agree. I find it hard to imagine that anyone with any sense would see terrorist intent in the affectionate knuckle bonk Michelle Obama gave to Barack Obama, or see anything but love and pride in their interaction. However, we are not talking about people with sense, we are talking about people who are willing to use any smear tactic to define Barack Obama as a Islamofascistic Liberation Theology Black Panther Terrorist. Well, to them I say that anyone with an IQ over 60 knows that this is garbage, and that the only threat Barack Obama poses is to the status quo corporate interests of this country, and to the citizens he offers hope for a better future.

Bonk for Barack!