Thursday, March 27, 2008

My friend Ken just sent this to me, and it is awesome. Awesome I tells ya.

LTS's Bold, Visionary Economic Stimulus Plan

Ok, maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here, but I do have a plan that I believe would do more for our economy than the "Economic Stimulus Package" presented by Bush. While I am someone who will benefit more than a lot of others because of the size of my family, and I do plan to spend this money on some things I have wanted and waited for, like some good lawn furniture, I don't believe this stimulus package will have much of an effect on the economy as a whole.

However there is one small thing that our government can do that would relieve considerable financial stress on all sectors of our economy, from the private individual to corporate America. Our government needs to rein in the cost of fuel, from heating oil to the gas we put in our cars.

Controlling the cost of fuel would have a huge impact on our general economy. Food prices would come down because the cost of transportation of these goods would decline. People would have extra money to spend on goods and services, and vacations would become feasible again.

Of course, this is not a simple solution, because the current administration is so soaked in oil futures and indebted to the robber barons that they will never, ever consider this step. The next administration will have to take this on. I don't believe a Clinton Administration would do it, so Go Barack!!!