Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Most Hideous Under-reported Story of the Week

Few people have ever heard of Carlos Arredondo. I came across a little blurb on Daily Kos earlier this week, and it was a pretty ignored diary, but then Wonkette paid it a little attention, with a link to Crooks and Liars. After following the story around I became pretty enraged. In fact, it really depressed me.

Carlos is a dad in mourning. His brave young son, Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo, gave his life in Iraq, and Carlos went to DC to protest the war. He had a memorial to his son with him, and this enraged a bunch of fat Nazi assholes who call themselves "Gathering of Eagles." They knocked Arredondo down, kicked him repeatedly, and tore up photos of his son. The Gathering of Eagles calls themselves patriots, but what they really are is a band of neanderthal bullies who have no understanding of what patriotism really means.

I know these photos are already on the web but I think it is important to put them out there again and again, so here goes...

The Bitch is Back

Ok, I have been a slacker of late. I admit it. My heart just hasn't been in it...

Oh I know, we have had some great stuff to work with, we liberal bloggers. And I admit, I have spent a fair amount of time giggling about (ok really just laughing hysterically for long, protracted periods of time until my sides hurt) Larry Craig, and thought about writing. After all, how rich does the bounty have to be for me to jump in and wallow in it. How is that for a mixed metaphor?

Ewww...put the little dog down, Senator.

And OJ! Heaping gifts upon gifts. Where was I? I wasn't blogging! I was sitting on the sidelines though, waiting for the white Bronco low speed chase to resume.

He just can't help himself.

So how could I have squandered this precious time, and all the riches that the universe could bestow on me? I have no excuse. I was just lazy. But I am back. Now, all I ask is that the universe keep spitting out these tasty nuggets; the skeevy republican closet jobs, the Britney Spears drunken sprawls, the really juicy chunks of Bush speak.

Such a pretty girl.

And I think I can rest easily, because we all know that Bush speak, perverted prudes and celebrity skanks are flowing like water these days!