Thursday, September 11, 2008

I met Robert Redford!!!

Robert Redford was the special guest at a fundraiser for Tom Udall, my candidate for US Senate (and boss). I was fortunate enough to get to help with the event and got to meet Redford, whom I have always admired...but haven't we all???

Quote of the Day

Jesus was a community organizer...Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Michigan's Republican "Election Integrity" Voter Purge Scheme

I don't know why we should be surprised that republicans in hotly contested Michigan think that purging thousands of voters from the rolls is a dandy idea to help push Mittensippi into the red column in November. Nor does it surprise me that they want to do similar challenges to voters based on foreclosures in Ohio. I suspect that there are lawyers for the republican party attacking the registrations of voters all over the country based on foreclosures.

It strikes me as absurdly ironic, that this party that has been responsible for the meltdown of the mortgage industry and has so thoroughly trashed our economy would futher disenfranchise people. They took our jobs, they took our homes, they ruined our credit and now they are going to take our votes. This coming from a party whose leader doesn't know how many homes he has. Who thinks that if you earn less than $5 Million you are in the "middle class".

If you earn less than $5 million, and thereby are middle class, make no mistake about my words here...IF YOU VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN YOU ARE AN IDIOT. If you condone this kind of electoral abuse...YOU ARE EVIL. If you believe it is ok to disenfranchise voters because they are poor and had their houses taken away...YOU ARE UNAMERICAN.

This election isn't about your religion. There are no doctors killing babies for fun, and there are no gays destroying your marriage. This is about rebuilding America's economy, restoring our international standing through diplomacy, and fixing the things that the past eight years of republican leadership have broken, like our infrastructure and our Constitution.

Things have gotten very bad. If we continue to allow republicans to ravage our economy and political sensibilities and disenfranchise our citizens economically and politically it is going to get a lot worse.

Vote Democrat November 4th.