Friday, June 16, 2006

The Next President of the US...This Guy? You BET!

That's right, Governor Bill Richardson of this blogger's homestate of New Mexico. Sure we are a small state with only five electoral votes, but we have something no one else does, the nimble-minded, ethical, and progressive Governor Bill Richardson. Governor Richardson has done wonderful things for New Mexico, encouraging industry and development, slashing taxes that affect every New Mexican by removing sales taxes on food and medical care, bolstering education spending, and improving transit issues in the busiest corridors of NM traffic with a brand new and expanding light rail system. When I left New Mexico in 1996 for Missouri New Mexico was under Governor Gary Johnson, and things went from poor to poorer, from bad to worse. Bill Richardson has in his first term brought innovation and creative thinking back to State Government, and when I moved back last fall I noticed dramatic improvements in education, economic development, and general optimism among New Mexicans. I am proud to support Governor Richardson for re-election this year, but I am among many who hope that he doesn't complete his term and chooses to run for the Presidency. It is time for optimism to be restored to America, and Governor Richardson is just the man to do it.

Run Bill Run!!!!

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