Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Updates and Mixed Bag

The past few weeks have been rather busy for me, and have caused a bit of a slowdown in my blogging. First of all we have been celebrating birthdays...

Yes those are my kids, and in the past four weeks three of them have had birthdays. First was Sarah, who turned 6.

Then Maddie turned 5.

And then little William turned 2 this past Sunday.

Yep, those cuties are all mine. Only Amanda, 8, spares me the birthday assault of August-September.

In addition to the birthdays school began again, which you would think would give me a little more free time to blog, but NOOOOOOOOOO I have six fewer eyes on William, who is determined to drive me insane. Kid is into everything...but he is so fun.

Also, most recently, I have been helping a friend out who needs a sitter in the afternoon, so now I have six kids running around here after school, to snack, to make sure they get their homework done, and to somehow still do dinner for the family and get the kids ready for school the next day. In short, I am exhausted.

Also I signed up for Blogger Beta. I hate it. It is clunky and doesn't do what I want it to do, and since signing up for it I can't post from YouTube, or even comment on the blogs of my friends, who probably think I have desserted them. I am still here!

I have written to Blogger help, I have written to the blog dudes featured on the dashboard site, and no one wants to help me. No one will answer me. I feel like a captive.

If anyone knows how I can fix my blog, please, please help me. Oh and since I have learned that posting on MY blog is an impossibility now, if you have suggestions of how to help me get out of this hellhole, please email me at



  1. Hey, I'm able to comment here.

    First off, let me say, "Excuses, excuses, excuses!" ;-)

    Second off, that's a pretty classy looking bunch of kids you have.

    Third, I imagine the busy bodies at Google/Blogger will get their act together eventually; then we'll all be on the same page again; but it sure is disappointing to hear that the beta is clunky and uncooperative. That means we will all be stuck with it eventually.

  2. Of course these are classy kids! They take after their gorgeous, brilliant and talented MOM!