Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The 2008 Presidential Hopefuls, LTS Musings

Of course I will say up front that I support Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, for the nomination, should he run (fingers crossed here!) but these are my thoughts on the contenders...

Bill Richardson (will start with him because it is my blog!) ... Smart, savvy, tremendous leadership. Great foriegn policy experience. A little on the unknown side, but that is changing daily. Four Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Great foriegn policy experience. Brilliant but with a sense of humor. Also, his hispanic heritage will help him in places that are considered pretty red, like Florida and Texas.

Hillary Clinton...My whole life I have waited to support a woman for the presidency. I just don't know that this time is it. I think she is brilliant, and I love her husband, but the CW says she is pretty polarizing. Not so crazy about the company she has been keeping lately, as in Newt and Rupert, and sure don't like the way she jumped on the "Bomb Baghdad Bandwagon".

John Edwards...What is not to like? Charming, easy on the peepers. Smart, great bio. He is probably my second choice.

Tom Vilsack...Vilsack rhymes with Dukakis. So does Kucinich.

Evan Bayh...who? wha?

Al Gore...I love you Al. I really do. You have done more to raise awareness about the growing environmental crises than anyone else has even tried to, and we all owe you a debt. But I am not sure I can forgive you for not fighting the coup of 2000. Of course if you are nominated I promise to love you again.

John Kerry...If anyone was ever wronged by American politics it is John Kerry. Kerry should be hailed as a hero and a noble man, but people who were too cowardly to ever have served in combat on their own painted him as a coward. I hate that. I am proud that I supported him in 2004, and I am angry that he has been so ill-defined. That said, I wish he had come back swinging against those swiftboaters. I don't see him running this time.

Barak Obama...what is not to love about this guy? Well, not much, but I would like to see him get a little more experience. I think that if he runs and gets the nomination he will be nailed for his lack fo experience. But I would love to see a Richardson/Obama ticket!

Those are my thoughts for the morning!

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