Monday, December 18, 2006

News from the Snowy Mountaintop

Yes it is snowing up here in Edgewood, already. We weren't supposed to get hit until tonight, so their estimation of up to 2 and a half feet of snow for us may be conservative. But, since I worked all weekend and didn't have access to my blog I have plenty of work to do. Thank you to Mr. LTS for posting for me on Saturday night.

So on to the political news...

Saturday brought the announcement that Evan Bayh has opted out of the race for El Jefe 2008. Bayh cited long odds and much needed work to be done in the Senate, and LTS agrees. No Senator should be running for President this time, we need your full attention on the legislative needs of our nation. (Listen to your friend LTS Hillary, you want to stay in the Senate...did you get my subliminal tapes yet???) Senator Bayh, we would love to have you come on over to Team Richardson!

Edwards In

Here is news of no surprise at all. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards has committed to run in 2008. Edwards is my second choice in the race at this point, but probably mostly because of lust....yes he is hunkalicious. I also think he will be the candidate to beat in the primary, despite the media's current obsession with Barak Obama. (Senator Obama, did you get my subliminal tapes yet???)

Richardson Woos New Hampshirians

Or is it New Hampshirites? Somebody help me with this one. Governor Richardson embarked on an exploratory trip to New Hampshire before he makes his decision to officially enter the race. (Governor, I am working on a set of tapes for you, too. runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun)
On this trip Governor Richardson put up his dukes and took on John McCain, presumably the leader of the Republican pack, and his proposal to send more troops to Iraq. Said Richardson, at a stop at Anselm College, "It makes no sense. There is no military solution. There’s got to be a political solution.” He said that McCain's proposal would foment sectarian violence.

Richardson, with his foreign policy prowess in top form this week, proves time and again that he is the candidate (presumed candidate anyway) with the goods. We need a leader who will work for peaceful solutions to international disagreements, rather than one who will always eschew diplomacy and opt for a military solution to conflict. Bill Richardson is well respected internationally, and has the wisdom and presence of mind to return that respect.

Republicans Untenable Positions

The republican candidates for president in 08 are out there making my job easy and more amusing with their brilliant political statements. Newtie is making the case for limiting free speech, and to that I say kudos Mr. Newtie. Kudos. Keep making asinine statements like these. While you are at it, why don't you adopt some other popular ideas, like an 8 pm curfew for people, martial law, and a ban on that radical "rock and roll" business.

Meanwhile John McCain is out there promoting the idea of escalation in Iraq. Again with the populism. Go John Go!

It is a great day to be a liberal with high speed internet access and a rich appreciation for irony.

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