Friday, January 26, 2007

Scalia On Gore v. Bush: "Get Over It"

In his own dismissive style, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, when asked recently about the Gore v. Bush case in 2000, where the Supremes ruled that counting all the votes would impinge on Bush's civil liberties (as for the rest of us, well, we don't count) said, "It's water over the deck, get over it!"

The flippant remark was made at Iona College.

I am among the many Americans who will never "get over it." That act was nothing less than a coup, and delivered unjustly control of the government to the hands of a corporate puppet, determined to suck every penny from the treasury of the United States, and as much oil from the middle east as possible. I think we can get it back, but it is going to require a great deal of strength and committment from our people.

Get over it...doesn't that tick you off too?

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  1. It ticks me off too! What with all the investigations going on we are being shown what a real bunch of screw ups our supremes are.