Saturday, February 03, 2007

Richardson at the DNC: Step Back, Here Comes the Next President!

Ok, so I am a little late to the party. For those of you who do read my blog from time to time, many of you know that on weekends I work in a neonatal intensive care unit, and put in 12 hour I didn't get to see the speech until just now. My husband, the ruggedly handsome and wonderfully witty Mr. Liberaltruthsayer, put the speech up on our grassroots website "Richardson Brings Hope" and I just saw it. I had to call him halfway through just out of my mind with excitement, wanting to share it with someone! Watching this video I know...KNOW...Richardson is the right choice for potus.

Haven't seen it? Really? Take a look here...(gratuitous plug for our website Richardson Brings Hope).

Richardson is witty, he is forceful, he is great with the crowd, he is even amazingly able to work all of his ideas and accomplishments into the meager seven minutes allotted by the committee. (Not really, but it was funny so I said it).

Richardson shows us time and again WHY he should be the nominee. I believe in my heart that if we nominate Richardson we have the best shot at winning the White House. I believe in my heart that if we elect Bill Richardson president we will begin to solve so many of the problems facing our country and indeed our world.

Governor Richardson, you absolutely blew me away today. I am so proud to call myself a consitutuent, a supporter, and a grassroots activist for your effort.

Viva Richardson!

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  1. Richardson's experience definitely intrigues me. My vote remains up for grabs at this point. I don't like Hillary. Very much wish Gore would jump in but don't expect him too.

    I like much of Edwards' rhetoric and he has offered specifics regarding domestic policy but I'm not sold on him. I suspect Edwards' original support of the war was an act of political expediency and the same can be said of his apology. I also didn't like what Edwards had to say about Iran recently. Obama at this point is a platitude machine.

    Overall though, Democratic candidates are far superior than their Republican counterparts. Richardson is qualified and has a lot to offer.

    I'm in New York and suspect the race for the Democratic nomination will be decided by the time I get a chance to choose.