Friday, March 02, 2007

A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I am sad to be writing this, because I do so without any malice whatsoever. Frankly, I have been a fan of you since 1992, and have hated how you were smeared by journalists and right wing nutjobs and the truly crazed hatebags, like Ann Coulter. Not that I haven't disagreed with you from time to time, (read Iraq) but I have generally respected and admired you for standing up to the VRWC for so many years.

I am asking you to stop your campaign for the democratic nomination.

Ok, you are saying, Right. Who is this stupid LTS? telling ME that I need to withdraw. True, I am a lowly blogger, but I have literally dozens of readers! That's some serious street cred there. I also have been a campaign vet going back to the Dukakis era, ok yeah I am an idealist. I come to you with this plea from a very pragmatic place.

My fear is that if you get the democratic nomination you will put into motion two really disgusting and cataclysmic forces. First, the republican far right will go into full feces flinging smear and destroy mode. They will paint you as a flip-flopping, Marxist, murdering harlot. The Robertsons and Dobsons of the world will beseech God to eradicate the world of you. It will, in short, get very ugly. Now I know you are tough, I know you can handle that. Part two is even more odious, however.

Ralph Nader has already declared that if you are our party's nominee he will jump in and run. This is disastrous. Nader sucks the air from the room and enough of our loose leaves from our branches of liberalism over to the dark side. He will make a race that shouldn't even be close another electoral college nightmare (do you remember 2000 and 2004?)

I know you love America Hillary. I believe in my heart that you are a good, intelligent person (sidebar: but what is up with you hanging with Rupert and Newt? I hope you took a long hot shower!) so I implore you to do what is right for America. We cannot take a repeat of the past two elections. I, in turn, will teach my children about your great sacrifice for our country, and to honor you as you rise to greatness in our Senate.

Yours very truly,


Coming soon....A Letter to Barak Obama!

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