Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sluts R Us Redux: Newtie Speaks

"'s not the size of the boat, its the motion of the ocean!"

Newt Gingrich, republican candidate for president, has said he doesn't think that candidates' personal lives should be brought into the debate.

Oh really?

That's pretty funny stuff coming from Gingrich, who lead the witch hunt against Bill Clinton. Clinton was on trial for being on the receiving end of the game "Head of State" and at the time old Newtie was banging more than just a gavel. He was engaged in an affair with a staffer while married.

Curiously, only the republicans on the field seem to have issues with infidelity and divorce (multiple for each candidate) but one of them will be sure to get the "Focus on the Family" award and endorsement.

Across the aisle all of the candidates for the democratic nomination have been married just once.

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  1. My personal fave pick for the "Focus on the Family" endorsement would have to be Guilianni... I know Gingrich divorced his ill wife, but Rudy's wife found out she was getting served by watching him in a press conference on tv... Gingrich is a hypocritical ass, but Rudy makes him look like an amateur.

    ethel of wotv