Monday, July 02, 2007

One Crazy Summer

Well it is officially summer and the heat is making everyone insane I think. The Supremes decided that 50 years of struggle for civil equality was enough and called do-overs on Brown v. Board of Education. I am getting really sick of this court.

Also, second quarter fundraising totals are being released, on the subject of lunacy. Obama raised something over $32.5 million, Hillary Clinton about $21 million...are they talking about actual MONEY? Insane. Bill Richardson raised a cool $7 million. Now that may seem like chicken feed compared to his rivals' huge warchests, but it is a respectable amount and proves that he is able to increase his fundraising and poll numbers at the same time. I keep saying he is the one to watch in this race.

In other crazy news, some guy in New York strangled and beat a peacock for impersonating a vampire.

Get ready for a hot, wild one kids. It's only July 2.

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