Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Conservative Christian Rubber Lover Dead at 41

The latest chapter in the continuing saga of Christian Conservative Super Freaks may be the most amusing yet. Unfortunately for Rev. Gary Aldridge his happy ending culminated in a tragic one. Just as Larry Craig and Ted Haggard, Aldridge will "go down in history," but won't get a "crack" at rehab to redeem himself.
Rev. Gary Aldridge was found dead in his home Sunday after failing to show up for church services. He was hogtied and wearing two full wet suits, with flippers, mask, and at the risk of being indelicate, well, just click here for further details...
Word to the wise, if you are a hellfire and damnation right wing christian, yet like to get a whole lot freaky in the boudoir, make sure you have a trustworthy companion with you (so much more fun with two than one) who can hear your muffled cries as you try to utter your safety word...
Some fun safety words for superfreaky religious nuts...
Praise Jesus!
Ann Coulter
And, kids, don't forget the buddy system!

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