Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ahhhh....It's a Profit Deal!

pResident Bush today demanded that Congress let the oil barons drill off of American shores to help offset the cost of fuel and solve our gas crisis.

Look, how many people are left that are so stupid to believe that the cost of gas, and our current "crisis" aren't simply manufactured for the benefit of Bush and his friends in the industry. These bastards have it made. From absurd price gouging and wild investor speculation ratcheting up profits to obscene levels, to the Vice President setting energy policy in closed door meetings with oil robber barons, to tax breaks and subsidies, there is no stopping them.

Last week it was revealed that Big Dick lied when he said that China was drilling off the coast of Florida, raising the spectre of Communism's tenticles stretching under our very coastline and taking our precious resources.

Could it be any clearer that this all part of a long con for the Republicans to get what they wanted from the beginning? They want the right to drill in ANWR, and are going to use fear to get it, from the fear of the big RED SCARE to the fear of $15/gallon gas.

If you vote republican in November, shame on you.

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