Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fox News ED Hill is Certifiably Insane

According to Fox News's ED Hill (R-Blonde) the knuckle bonk (gimme some love) is a terrorist move. Rachael Maddow says that we should mock these freaks for making shameful allegations, and I agree. I find it hard to imagine that anyone with any sense would see terrorist intent in the affectionate knuckle bonk Michelle Obama gave to Barack Obama, or see anything but love and pride in their interaction. However, we are not talking about people with sense, we are talking about people who are willing to use any smear tactic to define Barack Obama as a Islamofascistic Liberation Theology Black Panther Terrorist. Well, to them I say that anyone with an IQ over 60 knows that this is garbage, and that the only threat Barack Obama poses is to the status quo corporate interests of this country, and to the citizens he offers hope for a better future.

Bonk for Barack!

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  1. Bless you, Cara. I think 60 may be a high guess.