Friday, August 25, 2006

America's Love Affair With Xenophobia Continues

According to this Denver Post article a geography teacher was placed on administrative leave for displaying flags from countries other than the United States.

A geography teacher displaying international flags? Madness!

Where does this guy get off? Doesn't he know that he is emboldening our enemies? Doesn't he get IT? We are fighting a war on terra, and we don't cotton to multiculturalism anymore. That school district provides him with a nice job where he gets paid with American tax dollars and he dares to display flags from other countries and, perhaps most insulting, the UNITED NATIONS in the same room as OLD GLORY?

I bet you an order of FREEDOM FRIES this guy is nothing but a pinko. I bet he voted for Kerry. I bet he thinks Howard Dean is a cool guy.



  1. I'll raise you an order of Freedom Toast!

    Just because this post made me laugh.

  2. ahahahah good reply....

    Thanks for stopping by...


  3. You must not have gotten the memo, it's French Fries, not Freedom Fries anymore. The French are victorious. :)

  4. The past few years have been very bad ones for our country.

  5. Most of the wounds are self-inflicted Cassidy, would you agree?

    They hate us for our freedom, so we abdicated it.

  6. Religion over Science.

    No Maps in Geograpy Class.

    What's next? No Numbers in Math Class?

  7. You've got a way with words Cara.

    Great post!

    Good question LJ. Maybe someday soon it'll just be the teachings og Big Brother. Oh wait...

  8. That guy above I think chuckie boy is his name, I was just wondering has this guy lost his friggen marbles?

  9. Its ok Chuck, I can read typo fluently, I can even decode ROCKY's insane ramblings and rantings!

    I am THAT good.