Thursday, August 24, 2006

Greedy Bank Bastards Updates

I knew that there were other people suffering from the same abuses we endured at the hands of Wells Fargo, so I did a little blog search and I found this:

This is a great blog, and a wonderful entry...

Another young man hit hard:

This one is pretty terrible, insult added to injury.

This one reflects not one degree of fault on the part of the customer, and totally useless customer service

Here's MORE

These are just a few of the postings I found in a five minute search of blogs with Wells Fargo and fees in the subject.

We are not alone.


  1. Hey Cara, I wrote you a reply at my blog on this subject, and I'll post it here too. Sorry you're being screwed over!

    THanks for the link.

    Let me tell you though, somebody at Wells Fargo read my blog entry, I saw on my site meter, so writing about it is important. It does get the message out that we won't stand for these kinds of stupid and irrational greedy unethical practices.

    They've since been a bit nicer to me, but only after I've written about a half a dozen times to the customer service, and got back a bunch of patronising answers, including one girl who sent me my account fine print! I cannot be expected to pour over that to see that somewhere back in the last 6 years they changed the minimum $ amount in the savings account without telling me! Then charge me service fees for that. Which is I think what happened. Grr.. Whether they were right or I was, they were still rude and unhelpful.

    Well, WF aren't the worst, anyway. I have friends who swear that Bank of America is the Devil. I'm a little worried to think that we've got the best of a bad bunch. I'm tempted to keep my money under the mattress. ;-)

    I originally signed up at WF on people's recommendations, seemed that they were the best, and that they were a little more socially conscious in what they invested it. I hope that still stands.
    Please check out my post in the sidebar on ethical investing. I think it's really important. Pax and Calvert both do great thigns on that front, refusing to invest money in the arms race, tobacco, etc, and instead investing on companies like 7th Generation, etc.

    Good luck with your fighting Goliath! :-)

  2. Hi Chandira!

    Thanks for linking to me!

    So far, a few people have wondered if what I am saying is true: Yes, they are charging me 23% on a card that I have NEVER been late on (by their records).

    I'm in the process of migrating away, to a smaller local bank here.

    As soon as I get the card paid off, I am done with Wells Fargo, unless someone can persuade me of why I should do otherwise.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Let's keep linking together sites that have this similar theme. It will be interesting to see how many separate bloggers are talking about this topic.


  3. Chandira,

    Give Dick Cheney his horns back!