Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Daily Show 6.27.2006 Clip

This is for my friend in Scottsdale...


  1. This is a hilarious clip.

    It's actually a clever idea from that guy who seems like a huge airhead.

  2. yeah he is really dumb...I love the ending "this taco...tastes like ass"...I put it up for my friend Scott in Scottsdale, he hasn't been there yet.

    I love the Daily Show.

    Did you hear Ed Helms is joining the cast of the Office? I suspect that is the end of him on my favorite news show.

  3. I didn't know that Helms is leaving. Hopefully they can keep finding good comics. The Daily Show is becoming the new SNL.

  4. Yeah, Carell, Colbert are gone, Helms on his way out, thank goodness for Sam Bee and Jason Jones and the PC guy.