Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Just Gotta Ask...

Authorities have arrested THIS MAN

so we are safer and more secure, because although he didn't kill JonBenet, he sure as hell thinks he did, and would love the chance to think he did it again.

Today a jury convicted THIS MAN

who raped and murdered a young college girl. Way to go.

And, in accordance with the rule of good things happening in threes, authorities rounded up THIS GUY

because we sure don't want little mormon girls having to marry perverted old religious freaks.

These are good things. But clearly, each one of these cases, while sick and sad and twisted and evil, are anecdotes. They do not represent a trend. They do not affect us all. They are local stories turned into fodder for the 24 hour news networks, whose guidelines call for the exploitation of the salacious and emotional, at the expense of REAL NEWS. I have to ask the question, posed by a commentary on my blog earlier...We got these guys, so where the hell is THIS GUY???


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    You like to use YouTube to make your political points why not use this one.

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    The above link is pure Democrat Hypocrisy...take some time and watch it.