Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush Refuses to Release Full Intel Report

In this case, the ventriloquist and the dummy are one in the same.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House refused Wednesday to release the rest of a secret intelligence assessment that depicts a growing terrorist threat, as the Bush administration tried to quell election-season criticism that its anti-terror policies are seriously off track.

Press secretary Tony Snow said releasing the full report, portions of which President Bush declassified on Tuesday, would jeopardize the lives of agents who gathered the information.

It would also risk the nation's ability to work with foreign governments and to keep secret its U.S. intelligence-gathering methods, Snow said, and "compromise the independence of people doing intelligence analysis."

"If they think their work is constantly going to be released to the public they are going to pull their punches," Snow said.

More likely, the report reflects even more negatively than the encapsulated summary suggests, and is even more critical of the war in Iraq. Bush is refusing to release this until AFTER the elections, which leads me to believe that Snowjob is lying here. After all, the agents won't be any safer if the report is released in mid November.

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