Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Headlines and Commentary

Ok I have been up for three hours and I am finally getting to the business of reading the morning headlines and drinking my first cup of coffee. The coffee is very delicious, a bold "Thunderbolt" blend from Rio Grande Roasters, in my great big GOOD MORNING mug with three yellow packets and some milk. MMMMM. As usual the headlines range from pretty hilarious to pretty sad. Let's get going!


White House Denies Dramatic Iraq Policy Shift Yeah right, Bush is denying using the "Stay the Course" line, and relabelling "Cut and Run" to "Walk and Talk." This wonk wonders if Bush has picked up some writers from The Daily Show. Seriously, though, it has got to be hard to be selling this disaster of a war to the public...and this is just putting a different shade of lipstick on the same old pig. I don't envy them. I do laugh at them.

Opponent Denies Knocking Sen. Clinton's Looks This guy has a lot of nerve. True, the 70's were not Hillary's best decade, truth be told they weren't kind to many. I would kill to see a picture of this old coot in 70's fashion. I will say though that Hillary's current look, while not bad at all, looks a little like Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family, but it works for her.


Officer struck by Bush's cousin dies Yep, ole Johnny Walker (I promise I didn't make that one up!) hits a cop and the cop dies, but he didn't get tested for DUI. I wonder how many other people could get away with that.

New York Times:

General May Increase U.S. Troop Levels in Baghdad See, this is where the electorate gets confused. Stay the course, timed withdrawl, more troops, less troops, cut and run, walk and talk...who knows what is real anymore?

PC problems have slowed down the blog process today, plus one sick kid and one just making a mess, but I will be back with the "Naptime Report".

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