Thursday, October 26, 2006

Limbaugh's Pitiful Attempt to Backpeddle

Yesterday I called my conservative Mother-in-Law to give her a little trouble about her hero and his meanspirited at best, cruel is more like it, attack on Michael J. Fox. Of course, she defended Rush, after all he is a cuddly, lovable, sweet prankster. Predictably she said that his remarks were taken out of context, that she had listened to the whole show and he wasn't attacking Fox but rather praising him for his courage (yeah, this woman has had some advanced spin and denial training).

The conversation degenerated, I said something to the effect of Rush being a hillbilly heroin addict and criminal picking on a man with a terrible disease. Gwen defended him again saying he had a medical problem and those were prescription drugs. I never had to use my housekeeper to purchase my prescription drugs on the street, but then I don't have a housekeeper or a need for oxycontin. When she said he wasn't a criminal I told her that innocent people don't cop a plea, and she said he didn't! Oh the lies! I told her he plead guilty to charges, she said that he did that to protect himself from the expense of defending himself against the charges and that he was innocent, and the DA couldn't make the case. She said that pleading guity doesn't mean a conviction. Ok, she is a nice lady but not exactly Matlock.

So I decided to go to Rush Limbaugh's website and get his story on the scandal and this is what I found:

Not exactly a stirring mea culpa. More like a "You people just twist my words, and attack my character, you whining liberal pinkos! Get over it!"

Poor Rush.

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