Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iraq's Staggering Death Toll

Imagine the cities of Memphis or Austin vanishing. Imagine losing Alaska, or Vermont, or North Dakota. All of the people in any one of those cities or states killed.

Well those states and cities have roughly 650,000 people residing in them. According to a study conducted by Gilbert Burnham and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US, and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad, Iraq, the death toll in Iraq is in the area of 655,000. They do not distinguish between soldiers and civilians.

Gee, I wonder why the insurgents are so damn mad.


  1. Come on LT I take it you did not read the whole article and the error margin that is a figure they threw out. I wonder who is killing them? you think maybe it is the insurgents as you call them, I call them terriost, Iraqi's killing Iraqi's i fyou want to put it that way, hell they havae been killing each other for centuries.

    Muslims kill more Muslims than anyone else, I would not put to much faith in that number the people who published it did not so why would you?

  2. One reason to pay attention to this study is that the government has tried to downplay the numbers of dead Iraqis.

  3. I see the apologists are at it again, completely IGNORING how Iraq got to the state it's in today.

    It is a pity that some people would so blindly worship a failed man, that they would excuse the most monstrous affronts to humanity. More than a pity-it is, to quote one of their favorite books (that they cherry-pick from,) an abomination.