Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don't

a scene from my hottest fantasy...

In what promises to be this season's MUST READ, former Deputy Director of Faith Based Initiatives, David Kuo, says that White House officials courted evangelicals for their votes and then ridiculed them behind their backs. Kuo quotes our very favorite republican operative, Karl "Goebbles" Rove, as calling evangelicals "nuts."


Every day, in every way, this administration reveals its soul to us (or lack thereof).


  1. GranMarty9:03 AM

    I'm glad you decided to blog this one, LTS! It seems the truth is "leaking" out little by little...

  2. Here we go again He said she said, remember the last time this happened and Dan Rather lost his job.

    This story is nothing but a he said she said story so who is telling the truth we will never know and further more it is of no importance and who are you people to make a judgement. Granmarty you seem to have the insight here so what is the truth? fill us in we all would like to know.

  3. "We will never know the truth"

    We shouldn't talk about anything the Administration does, I suppose. What if it's a juicy account of Bush praying (an email I received once) one says well that's just a he said story...nobody will ever know the truth.

    Olerocky, the ultimate Bush apologist.

  4. LJM the point is this kind of retroic goes on all of the time, even during the Clinton administration and I find it funny and insane on how people jump on these kind of statements as being true just because someone said this happened.

    Again look at Dan Rather and Mary Mapes and how they jumped on a bogus E-Mail as being true and it turned out to be forged, that is the point and it is not to apologize for anyone.