Tuesday, November 07, 2006

8 pm Eastern, 6 local time

The children are eating the cake of democracy I made for election night, a red velvet cake with blue icing and red, white and blue jimmies. I used a supermajority of blue jimmies, for obvious reasons.

6:11 Local time (Mountain) The live blogging was interrupted by a code brown situation involving my son and a pair of pull ups. It has been resolved. There was also a bludgeoning offense, and that has been tried and a conviction and sentencing meted out. I bet they aren't having THIS much fun at Hotel Albuquerque!

Patrick wins Governor of Massachusettes, one for the Dems.

Webb is up with 43% but not by much.

Menendez wins in NJ.

Casey wins in Penn.

Pennsylvania is looking like a major bloodbath for the republicans, and exit polls are giving the senate to the democrats.

Evangelicals polled are stating in large margin that corruption is their key issue, and those that cited corruption said they voted democrat. There goes the base!

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