Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Take a Much Needed BATH

Well it's about time!

The dirty, dirty Republican Party took a much needed bath last night. Democrats are now firmly in control of the US House of Representatives, the Governorships, and looking pretty promising still is the Senate, where things are still up in the air.

A few things of note...
I am particularily proud that my Governor, Bill Richardson, won by almost 70% of the vote. He is trusted, he is loved. He is also probably going to run for the presidency and I say "GO BILL GO!" We need someone of his quality in the White House. I am also proud that Tom Udall (NM 03) won by such a huge margin, and Senator Jeff Bingaman won so resoundingly his reelection bid, not that any of those races were even close.

That said I am not surprised that NM 01 is still undecided, but I will say that had Madrid had better debate skills and was more prepared and hadn't said some of the STUPID STUPID STUPID things she said on live TV, and those STUPID STUPID STUPID things hadn't made it into two very effective ads for Heather Wilson that played ad nauseum (believe me it was sickening) then it wouldn't even be close. Madrid could have taken it handily, yet she has about as good a grip on her lips as George Bush, without a Karl Rove in the background whispering into her ear and fixing the votes.

I am sad that Harold Ford lost, I believe he was the better candidate. That said, I think certainly he has a bright future in the democratic party.

I am thrilled beyond all reason about Claire McCaskill. All you Missouri democrats who worked so hard to get her elected deserve a nice big box of goodies from Harry and David, but I am broke or I would send them on! Claire is a great lady, and good on you for getting her elected.
I am also pretty hopeful that Tester will prove out in Montana. That is HUGE.

I have immensely enjoyed, probably more than the actual vote returns, seeing the thunderstruck sadness in the faces of Republicans. On Faux News all of the bunnies are no longer perky. Tom Delay, I swear to God, said "The difference between the republicans and the democrats is the republicans get rid of their corrupt members." I think at the end of that he sort of saw the irony, he looked like he had been crying. Last night on MSNBC they had Dick Armey, and his jowls had lost all their spring from their step, hanging there limply as he shook his head slowly in stunned denial.

Talk about Shock and Awe!
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  1. What do you predict will happen with the recount possibility in Virginia?! It could be days huh?