Thursday, July 02, 2009

Woman Gives Birth, Leaves Baby, in Port-A-Potty

I hate to even go into one of these nightmarish, reeking, hellishly blue, upright coffins of doom. I remember twenty years ago at the UNM Fiestas out on Johnson Field, while dancing to this kick ass reggae band a crash and a roar of laughter as some one tipped a port-a-potty, and a guy emerged moments later, blue and puking. I cannot imagine stopping into one, giving birth, and leaving the kid there. I won't even let my kids go in one if I can help it.

Keith Olbermann, here is a candidate for today's Worst Person in the World.


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  2. There are so many issues just like this happening in our society. I hate that woman who leaves her baby in a potty. She doesn't think that baby is a gift? Where is her conscience? I just want to drop a note. It's okay to have an affair with someone but you should always need to know your limits. Be responsible enough. Our life is very much important.