Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rat Bastards...and the 35% who still back 'em

I ask myself daily, HOURLY, what the hell is up with America? I know Bush's approval is way down, and probably MUCH lower than the 35% the cooked-up poll numbers give him, but with all the expanded powers Bush has taken for himself, and all the abuses of our Constitution I just wonder what Bush has to do to lose the remainder of his flock of sheep. Will it take Bush naked on prime-time television surrounded by the cast of "Queer as Folk" while he boils kittens and babies and smokes the Declaration of Independence?

Yes I know, I was never a supporter, but I can't imagine standing by anyone who abuses their authority and power the way Bush has. If my husband had abused our marriage by stripping me of my freedom, spying on my emails and phone calls, listing my contacts, questioning my library transactions, and monitoring my political activities I would have divorced him quickly and gotten a restraining order. I am willing to bet that few of Bush's supporters would have tolerated this from a spouse. Beyond that, had these intrusions come under the Clinton Administration there would have been a major revolution. I have no doubt that had Clinton attempted one tenth of the intrusions and abuses of Bush the freepers and militias would have long ago started building the pipe bombs and would have probably forcibly overthrown the administration. Bush is surely benefiting from the fact that liberals, like me, tend to be pacifists.

But what is it going to take for the country to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? I remember in 2004 there was discussion in the Administration that they may have to suspend the election for the safety and security of the country, for fear of a terrorist attack. Not too many people screamed about that, but consider it. They could suspend elections. Then we would have a perpetual Bush presidency, and what then???

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