Friday, June 02, 2006

A Flaming-Red Herring

The entire debate on immigration and border security just nauseates me. Nothing of any significance has happened with regard to immigration numbers this spring, there have been no new incidents of note. This is the crux of the problem today... the republicans have correctly sensed that they are going to be beaten this fall. Beaten like a bad, ugly dog that you take in out of pity only to have shit all over your house and eat your best shoes, and hump your cat. They KNOW it is going to happen. So what do they do? Well they play to people's base fears and ignorance and subconscious intolerance for "the other" and beat us over the head with it. They did it with terrorism. They did it with gay marriage. They have been tying to tie terrorism in with border security, as if we really have to fear Pedro and Maria, the zapato bombers. Now if only they could link it up with gay marriage, then they would have a REAL hot button issue....but wait, I have it!!!!

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