Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bill Clinton's Reply to Ann "Bony Ass" Coulter

as seen on Letterman.....


  1. This is way to funny, you know Ann probably hit the nail right on the head, who in their right mind would use a cigar on a young tender thing like Monica, that was a chance in a life time for ole' Bill and he blew his wad all over her dress....I wonder did ole' Bill smoke the cigar later, I know I would have....especially after I finished bending her over the oval office desk and showing her where the wild goose goes...

  2. You are really one disgusting creepy little fuckwad, unfortunately you have a modem.

  3. "disgusting creepy little fuckwad"
    Source of Quote: liberaltruth

    Now that is a profound statement especially coming from a New Mexican Liberal Socialite

  4. Not to worry Liberaltruth. OleRockForBrains is jealous of our last legally elected president Bill Clinton. All across this country but especially in the South those good old white boys are still turning green with envy at the way Bill could & still does cause the women to swoon when he enters the room.

    After all we Dems have that gorgeous hunk for a president and all they have is slimy, smirking george who causes women to gag & throw up their hands to get away from his vile touch. One look in those evil eyes and they know that they are looking at the bottomless pits of hell. Who would want any part of that other than someone like oleRocksOnTheTop?

  5. I do not get this picture here you guys have this good looking man Slick Willie and he has this hag hanging off his arm, here I have this dumb ass Texan and He has one of the most classy First Ladies in the history of the presidency hanging off of his.....My guess is ole' GW is packing something other than a pocket full of Cubans.....don't you think...You guys will never get over the 2000 election will you...even your own New York Times said GW won...get over it...please do not lay down any of the popular vote bullshit because that dog will not hunt...and I do believe what Ann Colter said...Bill is more than likely Gay than not...what a shame a hunk like ole' Bill going to waste....keep on swooning girls

  6. One word about Laura, rocky,


    All you need to know.

  7. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Don't you hate it when self- serving little creeps try to pee on your blog?

    Perhaps a comment filter is in order, you know to keep out the cockroaches?

    Thanks for your liberal point of view,keep doing what you're doing we appreciate it.