Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today in Weather


  1. Something's not right when it's hotter in Sioux Falls, SD than it is in Phoenix...

  2. You are telling me LJ, right here in my little New Mexico hamlet it is a brisk 69 degrees Farenheit at 6:23 pm. Light drizzle. I feel like I moved to Seattle! OOOh I have to blog my rainbows!!!

  3. Anonymous11:32 AM


    On the lighter side and to get away from the politics have you ever visited the Greater Seattle area?

    If so what is your thoughts on it compared to New Mexico?

    There are only a few places in this country that I would perfer to live and New Mexico is second on my list and politics has nothing to do with it.

  4. Well my anonymous friend, I must say that I have been to Seattle, and I love it. If I had to pick another place besides NM to live, and I have lived many other places, Seattle would be my first choice. I gotta tell you though, lately my little corner of NM has felt like Seattle, we have had a very wet month, and yesterday it rained all day and our high was 68F. For the first time the valley below me is verdant green and lovely. It has been a remarkably wet summer.

    Aside from the weather, NM has a lot going for it in the progressive job market, things are improving daily, and it is just a really wonderful place to live.

    Hey, how about not being so anonymous? I know it is a lot to ask but I have some anonymous people who reply to me and some of them often, so I get to know them, but some are not nice, too...and I sure don't want to confuse them with could be Anonymous in Seattle if you like!


  5. Ok I signed in, instead of posting all of the videos from youtube and you living in such a beautiful state you should get you a good video camera and do your own, like I do. I am sure you have never been over the North Cascade Highway and seen Diablo Lake, but you can righ from your own PC.

    I will agree with you on one thing I also think Bill Richardson would make a good that caught you off gaurd did it not, I like the man's style, he is not a slick make sure you check out the videos and yes I done them myself even though they may not be professional done.

  6. Rocky, I must confess that when I clicked in to watch your videos at first I was a little afraid of a videotaped confession of a serial killer, or something even more nefarious. I was pleasantly surprised by the one I have seen and will look at more but wanted to say so. That one of the Cascade Highway is stunning. I think maybe the EPA should check the water and see what is making it that minty green, but it is spectacular. You are right, I live in a beautiful place, I should do videos. Thanks for sharing that, and for the kind words about Richardson. I know the man, I believe in him. He can save our country. It is that simple.

  7. Anonymous7:30 PM

    The water is from the Glaciers and once you get up to it, it is just as clear as can be....didn't have time to sign back in was working on another video with some new software I downloaded and also purchased...yes you should do some videos and let the politics take a rest..

  8. Another nice day out here on the Left Coast 52 at the moment going up to 72 what a day, does not get any better than this.