Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israel: Chemical Warfare Cover-Up?

Yesterday CNN was running a story of a family from Tyre. In the attack that killed their father two Lebanese children had suffered what appeared to be chemical burns. The son, about 9 I think, had such a badly burned face he was hallucinating, I don't know if they thought he would survive, and his sister, 8 months old, had burns too. The mother was beside herself, but I believe uninjured. Well the doctor treating the children believed from the nature and smell of the burns that they had been attacked with phosphorous.

Mysteriously this report was scrubbed from CNN's site.

Last night, my cohort emailed a link to me, as he is oft to do, from Daily Kos.


Well I sent this to my husband, who is always inclined to verify the information his commie pinko wife sends to him and found this lovely article...


Unique weapons. Now there is a really special euphemism. They are quick to stress that white phosphorous is in compliance with international laws of confrontation, as long as it is used on a battlefield and not on civilians...I am sure that they can twist the evidence and logic to get away with this, after all, they are backed 100% by the Bush Administration, who is the leader in war crimes and atrocities.


  1. Good entry Cara.

    So they had to make a law that said its OK to use White Phosphorus on another human as long as they are a pawn on the other side in uniform...

    and hey, they've always got Depleted Uranium & Plutonium 238 for when things "escalate".

    It seems this all goes back to Ronnie Raygun and Poppy bush cutting a deal with Hezbollah in 1980 to keep the hostages in Iran under lock & key until after Raygun defeated Carter, which they did.

    Old bush then ordered Oliver North to deliver a couple of planeloads of Stinger missiles to Hezbollah, which he did.

    Then Hezbollah decided they needed to kidnap some more people, which they did.

    This pissed off the deal-cutters, so they started training and arming bin Laden...and on & on... Look that one up on a search engine. I had to just to get it sorta straight. Its hard to follow all of the crooked moves of neocons! :)

  2. Neocon is merely a euphemism for evil insidious lying power hungry cash grabbing turd!

  3. Chuck,

    Don't forget Saddam and Chummy Rummy!

    Hard to keep track, I know...

  4. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Did you ever give it a second thought as to why CNN scrubbed the article....did it ever pop into the mindless brain of yours that it was bogus and had no facts to support the left wing article...now we know what happened to Dan Rather and Mary Mapes when they went with a story that was bogus...don't we?...maybe the folks over at CNN have some common sense and are also getting tired of this hard Left Wing bull-shit..

  5. Gosh "Anonymous" writes an awful lot like Ole Rocky Head.

    I provided a link which was unearthed by my right wing, Israeli supporting neocon husband, which was a directive from the Israeli government about reporters and their boundaries. It is in the text.

    Sometimes these stories aren't bogus. Sometimes news gets scrubbed because it offends the powers that be.

    I have a tinfoil hat for you, I take paypal, and they are $20. I will add a propeller for an additional $10.

  6. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I just seen a blip on the Fox News Marquee about this story, just goes to prove that it is bogus, because we all know that Fox News never reports anything that has any Validity to it...isn't that right.

  7. Gee, how about a link or a blurb or something a little more informational. What did Faux News say about this story?