Friday, July 14, 2006

Don Williams Gives the Devil His Due

Recently the Bush Administration has made some changes...

Behold the mighty changes!

Call me a cynic, but I don't trust this man has "come to Jesus" about his misdeeds and is trying to make amends. I think Karl Rove has seen the handwriting on the wall. Americans are enraged over the actions of the administration and is ready to mete out revenge on the republicans trying to hold onto Congress. Rove knows that if they go down so does he and his evil little puppet. It is time to make the Rethuglicans look good, even if it means taking their hands out of the cookie jar (after all, they have stockpiled enough cookies in their little hidey holes to see them through til November.)
Sadly, they will probably start scaring the sheep again with Mexican lesbian couples sneaking over the border to marry and deliver their anchor babies, so they can steal the jobs of Joe Average and burn our flag while threatening the institution of marriage. I expect the Kool-Aid is already being doled out in churches, though I don't frequent those halls of deception anymore.
It is all too sad, this desperate maneuvering to retain power for the gain of the few. What is sadder is that the many are so eager to hand that power over....

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  1. Mr. Williams is overly optimistic to say the least.

    Speaking of 'Mexican lesbian couples'...have you seen the ads by Vernon Robinson for Senate...he's awfully proud of them...there's a link at the top of his campaign site,