Friday, July 14, 2006

Governor Richardson to Join Heavy Hitters

Can't send a link because you have to subscribe to the Albuquerque Journal online to read it anyway, so I will just read it for you...

Governor Bill Richardson is scheduled to attend two big Democratic Party events this month, designed to showcase the "Who's Who" in the party. Richardson will be the featured dinner speaker July 22 at the biggest fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party, then he is off to Denver for the Democratic Leadership Council's conference.

Other big party peeps to attend the events include Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Wesley Clark, Evan Bayh, and Tom Vilsack.

Governor Richardson is running for re-election this year in my lovely home state of New Mexico, but it is widely speculated that he is also seeking the Presidency in 2008. I certainly hope this bears out, Governor Richardson's incredible record of public service, sterling resume, and unmatched diplomatic skills may be all that can bring our country back to it's pre-Shrub greatness.

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Won't it be wonderful to have a president who can speak in complete sentences and use 5 and 6 letter words without stumbling!!!!