Friday, July 14, 2006

Richardson Takes Snow to the Woodshed

In a snarky little press conference Monday, Tony Snow accused Bill Richardson of being a sycophantic wimp, bringing "flowers and chocolates and lightwater nuclear reactors" to North Korea in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty, implying that the Bush Administration has done much better with its diplomatic achievements. Richarson fires back that Snow has it wrong (the hell you say?!?!?!? Tony Snow never gets it wrong, and I am going to chop my fingers off now.) saying Madeleine Albright brought the chocolates, Ambassador Robert Galucci brought the reactors." Governor Richardson, though, went in there and brought back our downed pilot...

"I negotiated the release of a downed pilot and a political prisoner and handled a number of diplomatic chores for the administration," Richardson said. "And let's not forget that the president provided a plane for me last October so I could travel to Pyongyang to meet with the North Koreans, conversations that resulted in the North Korean delegation returning to the negotiating table.

"This shows how ungrateful the administration is, despite the progress we were able to make during that visit," Richardson said.

What it really shows is that the Bush administration lacks any ability to secure peace through diplomacy, or to give credit where credit is due.

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