Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Trip to the Daily Kos

I don't know how successful it was, but I put up a posting last night on my support for Bill Richardson and was astonished at the commentary. Not the content as much as the quantity of responses. Interesting place, I think I will be back often.



  1. I didn't read down all of them, but I read quite a bit. People like mofo or whatever doesn't need to be trying to dictate to you how to operate your diary there. Do it in your own good time and don't think you have to defend yourself. Piss right on arrogance like that.

  2. Thanks, last night I was really overwhelmed by the response. Like I said I am used to my little blog and the comments I get on it, not getting slammed by 75 comments within an hour of was interesting though, and reminded me of working in the NICU when things were really crazy, orders piling up, babies being transported in, calls coming fast and having no just tread water.

  3. "interesting" describes it well . . . everyone has all these unwritten rules and I think both of us have found that they don't like novices coming in and messing up their opinions . . . still, kinda crazy and fun

  4. I've written before that I didn't think Bill Richardson was that great and called him the Ron Artest of Democrats.

    Anyway, I've started to come around to him, especially after reading posts like yours. And I don't think too many are going to care about his time as energy secretary. I don't all that much. Very good post.