Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wisdom From My Dear Friend Scott

On Republicans...

But the real irony of their comments is that the best way to support the terrorists is to vote Republican!

Republicans will not secure our ports from terrorists.
Republicans will not secure air cargo from terrorists.
Republicans will not secure our boarders from terrorists.
Republicans will not secure our chemical and nuclear facilities from terrorists.
Republicans will not investigate Saudis.
Republicans will not investigate 9/11.
Republicans will not unite or respect our allies.
Republicans will not listen to terror or intel experts that don't espouse their ideology. Republicans have sabotaged US intelligence agents.
Republicans have united and inflamed our enemies as never before.
Republicans have blatantly exploited terror for political gain.
Republicans have blatantly exploited terror for profit.
Republicans have made us far more dependent on oil from terror-supporting regimes. Republicans have diverted our military away from real terror targets.
Republicans have discarded valuable anti-terror assets for pure ideological reasons.
Republicans have failed to get universal radios for first responders.
Republicans have cut anti-terror funding to NY and DC.
Republicans have cut funding to police departments and firefighters.
Republicans tried to sell control of our ports to a regime that aided 9/11.
Republicans monitor Americans who oppose their ideology as terrorist threats.
Republicans use anti-terror tactics on American citizens instead of on terrorists.
Republicans have divulged classified information for political gain that prevented British authorities from stopping massive terror attacks on their trains.
Republicans have turned contained non-terrorist threats into dangerously unleashed terrorist threats.

I mean, the list just is endless.

Of course, my friend Scott has always been one of the three or four smartest men on the planet. Today he filled my inbox with really good stuff. About half of my postings come from leads he throws my way. Thank you, sweetie. I couldn't do it without you!


  1. Now that you have given us 22 talking points on why Republicans are failing, now give us 22 points on how the Democrats would go about fighting terrorism and do a better job, bet you can't do it because they have no plan, John Kerry showed that in the last election.

    If your above points are true as you would like to believe, then explain this, why do 55% of the American people think the President is doing and outstanding job, and 44% think the Republicans are as opposed to 39% who think the Demoncats are?

  2. Being a Left wing Fundamentalist you talk a lot of smack, after I go and do my yard work, mow the grass and make sure there are no Left Winger Fundamentalist grass blades growing in the yard that may damage it, I will be back and pick out one of your talking points, once that is done I will post the talking point, now your job will be do give me creditable information, not some Left Wing Fundamentalist site or opinion but a Non-Partism site that will back up what you are saying.

  3. Rocky,

    This is very important. Please, go to your medicine cabinet and take your meds.

    It will be ok.

  4. Lets take this talking point....Republicans have united and inflamed our enemies as never before.

    I supposed the terriost were just out having some fun when they tried to take down the WTC in 1993 (under the Clinton Administration) or they out on a Sunday Cruise when they bomb the USS Cole, again under the Clinton Regime.

    I guess boys will be just boys when there is a Demoncat regime in power, just out having a little fun and not meaning no harm....Left Wing Fundamentalist...Is a mental disorder

  5. I went to my medicine cabinet and took my meds as you suggested, came back with the same opinion, so tell me about the mild and meek terriost under the Clinton regime

  6. Anonymous4:29 AM

    "Republicans monitor Americans who oppose their ideology as terrorist threats." Name me one American who has been arrested as a terriost that oppose Bush;s Ideology