Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sheeps Be Everywhere...Are EWE One of Them?

All around me I hear the bleating....

baaaah baaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....

Results of a recent Zogby poll:

* "Allowing video surveillance of public places" -- Overall, 80% are comfortable with this. The difference among the parties was minimal.

* "Allowing your purse, handbag, briefcase, backpack, or packages to be searched at random anywhere" -- This was far more controversial. About half of Dems and independents would tolerate this, but two-thirds of Republicans (66%) said they'd favor this method.

* "Allowing regular roadblocks to search vehicles" -- Here, Dems and independents started to balk, with support dropping to around 40%, but Republicans thought this was fine too, with 62% supporting the tactic.

* "Allowing your car to be searched at random" -- Again, Dems and independents were uncomfortable with this (support in the mid 30s), but Republicans still gave this the thumbs-up, with 60% support.

* "Allowing your telephone conversations to be monitored" -- Dems and independents continued to resist, but 56% of Republicans said this would be alright with them.

* "Allowing your mail to be searched at random" -- This one did the worst among all groups, but still about half (49%) of Republicans said they'd favor this method.

And MOST ATONISHINGLY, at least to me...

*Do you agree or disagree that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 terror attacks?

Agree 46 32 65 39
Disagree 50 65 30 56

When did America become a nation of Sheeple? If you had polled these same people a decade ago about their civil liberties the numbers would have been radically different. Now I know "9/11 changed everything..." but if we are so willing to give up our freedoms because the terrorists hate us for them, then we don't deserve that flag we wrap ourselves in.

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  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    America is so blind. Blind to history which has shown how leaders can manipulate war and national security events to lull the people they lead.

    But that would never happen with us. Not with Bush.