Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stop Nancy Grace Before She Kills Again

LEESBURG -- The plight of missing 2-year-old Trenton Duckett is the latest cause taken up by ex-prosecutor and national talk-show host Nancy Grace, who frequently uses her cable forum to draw attention to abduction cases.
But the Headline News host found herself answering Monday whether she had become part of the story -- only days after grilling the boy's mother in a televised interview. The day after that probing series of questions, Melinda Duckett killed herself.

"I do not feel our show is to blame for what happened to Melinda Duckett," Grace said on the air Monday.Grace also noted that "Melinda committed suicide before that interview ever aired."
That thick southern drawl, with the tone that implies that she holds both the person she is interviewing and the audience listening in complete contempt. The sound of her voice makes me want to scream. I don't know if this parent did her child harm, but I have heard Grace's insulting, accusatory tone enough to know that if my child had vanished and I were in the pit of despair, and this snotty woman grilled me for television, suicide could be an option.
She needs to be fired.


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I became sickened over Nancy Grace over the graphic descriptions of MJ's activities. Since I don't like or approve of kiddie porn I stopped watching her. In my opinion she has gotten too big for her britches. (That's what my mama used to tell me) She has taken entirely too much on herself. She is in dire need of close monitoring.

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    She needs to be stopped.


  3. Mike from NE9:36 PM

    Very few self-righteous, on-air psychopaths disgust me as much as she does. The only thing stopping me from throwing a brick at her is the cost of a new TV.