Friday, September 15, 2006

The World's Greatest Campaign Ad EVER

Someday I am going to figure out stills. But this ad by Governor Richardson for his reelection campaign is too funny. Please enjoy, and remember what a relief it would be to have an ethical, brilliant, and witty President!


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM


    I see you are not getting any action on this post, wonder why, we know your buddy Ole' UpChuckie would never vote for BR this man is a consertative in his book.

    You know you are right a picture is worth a thousnad words Ole' bill is giving the thumbs up probably because another one of his relativies made it across the border without getting caught, or least that is what I think an I am probably correct.

    Tell me how many people in this country would vote for someone who was out-smarted by a sawed off little pot bellied runt from North Korea, we know Bill is not the brightest Crayon in the box but we will give him and E for EFFORT

  2. NIce comment above. Lets see if our bright friend can answer this question?

    During what administration did North Korea actually develop nuclear weapons?

    A)Bill Clinton
    B)George W. Bush

    If you answered B you are correct. I am sure ABC will tell us in a few years how it really was Clinton's fault.

    What ever happened to the Conservative principle of taking responsibility for your actions? Jesus H Christ the stupidity of the people running this country is killing me.

  3. Oh Paida, nevermind that guy, it is just my stalker, OleRockytop. He thinks he is smart, but I keep slapping him upside the head with facts and grammar.

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I love the way you fuckers twist the facts, fact is Bill, carter and Albright got snookered by this sawed off pot bellied little runt from North Korea, he was producing the yellow cake right under the Clinton Administrations nose and they done nothing about it.

    In steps Bush and he has to try and put a stop to the insanity that was created by this group of morons....those are the facts so do not give me that shit it was created on Bush's watch as we say down in Dixie that Dog will not hunt

    I love this one.......We want leaders like Jesse Jackson.

    Jesse Jackson is a leader and a teacher who can open our hearts and open our minds and stir our very souls.

    Hell the majority of the black people do not want Jesse as a leader, the man cannot articulate a speech no better than Bush plus he a race baiter and you call him a leader....go figure...The man knocks up some chick, Bill gets head while in office, is this the kind of people you want your children to look up to, if so I guess they will turn out like Bill and Jesse nothing but a bunch of Horn Dog's....there are the facts moron.

  5. Anon:

    First and foremost, you worthless coward: Log in and let everyone know who you are.

    Second, you brainless fleck of slime:

    Or is it just another hunch for which you and your spineless neocon pals are so famous?

  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    bullshit you cow turd, the fucking truth hurts and you know it is the truth the Richardson Trio got snookered by the sawed off pot bellied runt...pleaseeeee no senstivity attacks.

    We know if this guy runs for the nomination his own party will cut him to ribbons for being so stupid and naive.....that is one you can take to the bank.

  7. Well, shit, perhaps you should stop "snookering" politicians, as you put it, and go and find a job. Work hard, be happy! I do!

    Or are you holding out in some dystopian delusion a mirage of hope that Big Brother George will rain pots of gold down upon you?

  8. Anonymous11:35 PM

    One Thing about me Bull-nuts I have probably been in the work force longer than you are old, as far a job goes I have one and a good one one at that, so do not get the idea that I am some lazy jerk like you.

    As far as the government goes the father they are out of my life the better especially if they are whack jobs like yourself.

    "Or are you holding out in some dystopian delusion a mirage of hope that Big Brother George will rain pots of gold down upon you?" this is something that is reserved for the lazy fucking Liberals they are the ones that look for a free handout from the government.

  9. Hey anon! Maybe your job and benefit package will be prostituted off shore before georgeboy leaves office. You'll whistle a different tune the!

  10. Anonymous1:30 PM

    You Liberals are so fucking stupid and pathetic that you have no other argument than to blame someone else for your own stupidity. Outsourcing has been going on for a long time all you have to do is look to the great white north and the auto industry, a good example of outsourcing and it did not happen under Bush, so do not come in here and piss down my back and tell me it is raining.

    As for as my job being outsourced not a chance, and yes I mean not a chance, and Clinton was the one who signed these trade agreements that brought outsourcing to head not Bush, so go away and come back with something better than what you have for an argument. Grandma Marty

  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    While we are talking about out-sourcing lets look and John Kerry and his beloved wife, now the majority of their Ketchup is outsourced to third world countries, so let balme that on Bush also even though it happened before Bush took office, see what I mean about Liberals being pathetic and stupid, they do not get it, just constantly repeating bull-shit their heard from someone else......go fucking figure.

  12. Rocky,

    In case you haven't noticed, and I kinda doubt you have because it hasn't slowed you down, I have just been letting you post here because you are a great example of the stupidity of the right, and I am not about to shut that down. But I don't like it when you are rude to nice people, like Grandma Marty. Behave yourself. I could gag you in a heartbeat.

  13. GranMarty8:31 PM

    I did a long response to rocky and an error on the page stopped it from going through... just checking this time.

  14. GranMarty8:52 PM

    Anon.. I am a liberal and make no apology for it since the word means generous and giving. I am a Democrat because as a practicing Christian It bothers me that everything the GOP touts is diametrically opposed to the Judeo Christian ethic and scriptural teaching. Jesus said we are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give water to the thirsty. The Old Testament tteaches against oppression of hirelings.
    As for working my husband is a Korean war vet who has worked hard all his adult life and as soon as he finishes up his treatments for colon cancer he'll go back to work at 74. We married in the 1950s when one income was enough to support a family. we had health insurance which most don't have today. Nowadays thanks to the GOP people have to work 2 jobs just to scrape by and the American dream is a nightmare. Everything the democrats got for the middle class is being chipped away, i.e. GI Bill, Social Security, Medicare, health insurance for those not yet retired and bargaining power for labor unions. Soc. Sec and Medicare are paid for each pay period when you are working and they still want to snatch it away. I have 4 grown sons and if either of them ever showed the attitude toward an elderly person that you did toward me I would beat his tail beyond recognition. Think not that georgeboy and his cohorts can't get to you. You are not a billionaire and they don't give a flip about you either.

  15. Cara-

    We both know about the one you call Rocky (anonymous). He uses the name Dixee Dipshit when he tries to troll my blog.

    Just to tell the others who frequent your blog about him:

    His vanity is unparalleled (and he won't even know what that means).

    He's 61 or 62 years old and looks every bit of it and more- he looks kind of like my Grandpa did just before he died.

    You know those old Roy Rogers/Gene Autry cowboy outfits of the 50s?

    Early on, he actually used a photograph of himself in an outfit like that (complete with six guns) as an avatar in his postings. Its a good thing I wasn't taking a drink of anything the first time I saw it!

    He brags of his prowess with women and how he can work circles around anyone half his age. He looks like he might weigh 110 pounds, which makes his bragging of being a he-man hilarious. As you can see from his posts, he's not right mentally and possesses not much more than an elementary education by all observations.

    He's trolled my blog for a long time and I just recently started blocking him. He's called me every filthy name you could think of and then some- and I mean he started off immediately like this with absolutely no provocation- totally bizarre. I had no idea who he was and spoke to him one day on a friend's blog. He followed me back to my blog and hasn't let up since. In fact, this is how he got to Cara's blog here and for that I'm sorry.

    I've only visited his blog once and that was when I happened upon a link to my blog through a technorati search and I saw how bad he was slandering me.

    Fortunately he has zero readership. Even on the blogs he frequents he has alienated everyone. It must be a lonely life for him, but honestly, I think its great because the little fuckface doesn't even deserve to breathe air as far as I'm concerned.

    Here's some information I culled from my visitor tracker one day on one of his 23+ hour visits (you see, he monitors my blog constantly- which is sick). Notice he came over to my blog from Cara's:

    Referring Link
    Host Name
    IP Address
    Country United States
    Region Washington
    City Tacoma
    ISP Click! Network
    Returning Visits 16
    Visit Length 23 hours 34 mins 49 secs
    Browser MSIE 6.0
    Operating System Windows XP
    Resolution 1280x1024
    Javascript Enable

    Concluding- he's bad-mouthed me long enough without retaliation. I'd love to meet him in person, because I know he's all mouth. I can picture him shaking all over and pissing himself before I got within five feet of him. I'd feel kinda bad because he's such an old fart, but I'd still kick his ass for real.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what you've been doing the "back & forth" with here.

    And Cara, I'm truly sorry that he latched onto your blog because of me. Showing people his stupidity is one thing, but having to put up with that dumbass constantly is something else.

  16. Anonymous5:26 AM

    whats wrong Chuck you mad because someone called you a name? Now as far as looks go, go to a mirror and take a look at that mug of yours not something I would want sitting on my shoulders especially with the frog eyes.

    I do not think I ever tried to make it a secret where I lived and if I was afaird of you finding out I would have never posted on that hateful piece of shit you call a blog.

    Again you have the balls to get pissed when someone calls you a name just look at your posts and all of the hateful bullshit you have posted over the past year and 99.9% of it unfounded and hateful.

    You must really have a terrible time going through life with all of the hate you have for the Bush Administration, sitting up and calling the man a murder, a Nazi, and the list goes on and on, so when someone calls you a name just suck it up and move on and say to yourself I do the same thing not just to one person but many and I do it on a daily basis.

    You you want on your blog is someone who will agree with you and boost your ego, it gets deflated real quick when someone gives you information that proves that everything you have posted is nothing but hateful bullshit, so suck it pal and move on, just because I am 61 and look better than you at 49 or 50 no reason to get pissed now is there, well I guess in your case it is.

  17. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Well Grandma I am also and eldery person and have every right to show disrespect to you if I want. I am not a religous nut case like yourself and I do not remember any where in the Bible that said I had to feed and cloth my neighbor.

    As far as the American Dream goes it is totally different today than when we grew up, our wants and needs were totally different than our kids.

    To us a modest home that could be supported by one imcome was enough, but not today if a family has 1 kid they think they need a 3 to 4,000 square foot home to raise them in and yes those kind of homes in most areas will take the average family two incomes to support, so who is to blame for the American dream going out the window.

    Me and my wife raised two boys in a 1200 square foot rambler/ranch style house and yes on one income not two.

    Do not get me started on labor unions look at what they have done to the auto industry in this country driven it right into the ground. I have 3 uncles who retired from the industry and I can remember them sitting around laughing about going to work on weekends and getting double time while sitting around and playing cards.

    Yes today I am the only one in the family that works my wife stays at home and yes I have medical insurance and yes I also done my duty to my country, I am a Viet Nam war viet unlike some of the other posters right Chuck.

    "Think not that georgeboy and his cohorts can't get to you. You are not a billionaire and they don't give a flip about you either." you need to go back and revisit this statement and once you do I think maybe you will realize this goes for both parties not just one, they are all there for their own interest they are not there doing what they were elected to do represent the people as opposed to repreenting theirselves and their interest. By the way Chuckie boy I will be down at Ocean shores, WA today if you care to visit.

  18. Anonymous6:43 AM

    "since the word means generous and giving" You are right Grandma that was once the meaning of Liberal but not today it has lost its meaning just like the American Dream has been lost as you out it.

    Today Liberal means anything goes no hold barred, no morals all out the window, and what I mean is you can smoke the baloney pony on a street corner but damn you if you light up a Marlboro.

  19. Well here's what, ASSHOLE. I get sick & tired of you bad-mouthing EVERY person you encounter during your trolling- which, apparently is all you do.

    There's something wrong with you if that's the limit of your social skills and your communication skills are pathetic.

    I just got back in town and checked this particular post, because I knew your vanity would keep you checking back here.

    No one else is coming back, they've moved on. That post I left was for your reading pleasure.

    There's one TRUTH that you can't deny. You attacked me first without provocation. I don't take kindly to that and you certainly wouldn't either.

    I have used great restraint and ignored you for months, but the thing is, you don't even know these posters in here and there's no reason to personally jump them immediately.

    Get one thing straight- your Lord duh-bya doesn't give a shit about you.

    There is no point in going back & forth with you. I consider you dim-witted and ignorant and completely wrong. You don't think anything of me either.

    Its unfortunate that it has to be this way, but that's of your making, not mine.

    And not that I owe you an explanation, but you keep bringing it up- I'm not a Vietnam vet, so drop that posturing. I was too young. Saigon fell in April '75 and I was still in High School. I was registered for the draft as class 1-H. Had I been called up, at that time in my life, I would have went, probably because I didn't know any better. I do now. I lost family members and friends in that shit-hole just like everone else. I grew up with that shit-hole in my living room every night, just like everyone else my age. So, as far as my "duty", I do not have any duty to kill a complete stranger as a pawn for someone else- especially someone who was elected to be a servant of the people in our near defunct government of, by and for the people. My only duty is to my family. If the life of my wife, any of my sons or me were threatened by an attacker, I could empty a clip into the attacker's head without flinching and zero remorse. Other than that, I won't kill.

  20. Well ASSHOLE Chuck I guess you had not a problem understanding what I was saying, if you had you would have not replied.

    You talk about personal attacks that is all your blog has done attack George Bush and His administration on a personal level as opposed to attacking his policies.

    Once you do something that is so personal do you not think then you should be attacked on the same level, personal as oppossed to your political views.

    Take a hour or so and go back and read the vermon that comes out of you pie hole it is all personal and a unfounded attack on the man as oppsoed to his political views.

    You are one of the most un-American person that I have ever encounted in my life, why not pack your fucking bags and move elsewhere and od us all a favor shit for brains.

  21. Chuckie I forgot to mention one thing I noticed that you were classfied as 1-H, now that had to mean one or two things either you had a physical disability or a mental one, my guess it was mental and it was called Liberalism, now I know why you wasn't drafted

  22. Rocky if your train of thought is the sane train, then call me mentally ill all you want. That kind of sanity I don't want to know from.

  23. Lt

    Take a real close look at the bull-shit this person puts out, 99.9% of it is nothing but bull-shit, he post these pictures, who in the hell knows where they came from or who killed those kids, but this lame dick cocksucker blames it on Bush.

    Then he attacks me for wearing Cowboy attire, hey num nuts I live in the Pacific Northwest where that is part of the culture, just like New Mexico and Texas, take a look at Ann Richards dip-shit, people in this part of the country do not dress like they do in Ohio, you know, they do not look like they just fell off the Turnip truck or rolled off the boat at Ellis Island.

    Again this guy attacked me because of a picture, well Chuck your Ole' lady looked pretty hot when she was younger, cannot say that for her today, so the next time you shoot off your fucking pie hole take a look at yourself.....and yes the women love my snake skin cowboys boots...dip-shit...