Saturday, October 21, 2006

Changes to Liberaltruthsayer

Good morning my friends. I have made a change to LTS and wanted to let you know about it and why.

I have enabled comment moderation on my blog. I have done this because I have had a particularily nasty troll hounding me for months. Initially I thought I would just keep his comments up because he was particularily ill informed and barely literate, and frankly I enjoyed making fun of him. Lately his comments have taken a very bad turn, and I don't like where this is going.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause any of you, but I refuse to let this person continue to insult me and my other posters. I welcome political discourse, I embrace other opinions, but personal attacks do not belong here.



  1. I'm glad you did that, Cara. He was really beginning to get on my nerves.

  2. Comments moderation is a necessary evil. Hopefully bloggers apply it judiciously and don't reject comments simply becasue they disagree with them. But sometimes people post comments that are gratitutiously nasty or spam. So no need to apologize - we can all empathize.

    Since starting my blog I've received all kinds of hate email. From right wingers, anti-Semites. The entire spectrum of bile that exists out there. It goes with the territory I suppose. Just keep doing what you're doing. To stop is to cede victory to this planet's barbarians.


  3. That was a very good move on your part. He'll still leave vulgar and extremely nasty comments ("awaiting confirmation") directed at you. Your best bet is to delete them without even reading them. Its what I did until I made the switch to HaloScan, then all I had to do was block his IP address. It appeared that he went so far as to drive to other towns (library? family? I don't know- couldn't be friends because I'm sure he has none) so that he'd have a different IP address to troll me with. I just kept blocking and deleting him. He's like this wherever he trolls- a sad little illiterate pervert.

    I'm glad you finally decided to do that!

  4. No inconvenience here, Cara.

    That's just what a lot of folks on the Right do. They're wrong, so they resort to shameful attacks. Just like the bully in school who beats up the smart kids who make him look dumb.

  5. We had a guy who called himself "RV" that was much the same way. But he seems to have forgotten about me.

    The nastier they get, the more assured you can be that their beloved Chimperor is failing mightily. They will be getting nastier, I believe, right up until it's time for the Boy Blunder to go riding off into the Crawford sunset. Or the Paraguayan sunset, depending on how hot the heat gets for him.

  6. Keep up the fight...

    I've had to do it on my blog to a couple people who basically started threatening me. I didn't want to do it, but I had to. One I even informed blogger about.