Friday, October 20, 2006

UN: 914,000 Have Fled Homes in Iraq

Yep, things are going well. Remarkably well.

We are bringing Iraq freedom.

Freedom from the burden of homeownership.

Freedom from the shackles of life.

Freedom from dignity.

Freedom from wealth.

Freedom from oil.

Don't tell me that this is about fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here, and don't tell me that Sadaam was a monster. He may have been a monster, but what we are doing is an abomination.

Of course, the right will say these numbers are meaningless. They will say, just like they did with the figure of 655,000 Iraqi's killed that came out last week that the numbers were fabricated. Interestingly the only thing proven to be fabricated was the evidence to support this invasion of a soveriegn nation and the ruthless killing and displacement of hundreds of thousands.

I play Scrabble online, at a marvelous site, It is just the coolest place to play if you are a WordFreak. Well our nice little community came unglued today. I was playing and not paying attention to the chatter in the main lobby when someone private messaged me, "Can you believe she enlisted???" Well there went my game. I immediately lost all interest in beating my friend in England and turned to the lobby and demanded an is a young girl from Texas, who was training to be a dog groomer. Her father, another Scrabbler and helper on the site, is a military man, and this young girl was following in his footsteps.

I got really angry. I asked her why she was so willing to throw her young life away for a lie, for a bullshit war against a people that had never attacked us, for Bush's lies. I caught a lot of flack. I didn't care. Suddenly I was willing to be gagged in the forum. I was challenging them to gag me. Politics are forbidden from discussion, and swearing too, and I was at both with a fury. I told the girl that I am a patriot and I am against the war, and she told me that you can't be both, and if I didn't like the war I should maybe move to Mexico!

This is where I lost it. I told her that if she felt the need to defend this country with her life she should first learn something about it, like the fundamental principle that dissention is not apatriotic. She said that I should stop listenting to the lies of the media, they are not reporting how good we are doing in Iraq and how they are so glad we are occupying them. I felt like the world had shifted on its axis.

How in the hell do these kids get these ideas? From their friendly recruiters. Rah Rah! We rock! Might makes right!

I wanted to shake her. I wanted to shake her father. I wanted to strangle a few people, too.

It doesn't make any sense to me anymore.

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