Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Liberaltruthsayer Returns

Did anything happen while I was gone?

There is no good excuse, really, for me to have let the old blog go for the past several days, especially given the escalation of violence in Iraq and Bush and Friends going on their "Denial Tour 2006" through the Middle East, but I had stuff to do. Thanksgiving we hosted dinner for 22, and while I felt we had so much to be thankful for already our wonderful guests made us feel even thankfuller. It was a wonderful day. For more about that, be sure to read about it later on "Why My Husband Hates Me" (but give me a few hours to get to that blog!)

So, I am back. I still feel a little sluggish mentally from the wine and pie. I am taking more frequent naps. In between naps I have been scanning the news...

Bush Denies Civil War in Iraq Yes, the Naked Emperor continues to shake his head in denial, when the rest of the world has already come to the obvious conclusion, Iraq is in the throes of a bitter civil war between tribes of people who do not want to live under one another's rules, which we created when we invaded their country. It is time for Bush to face some reality here, we knocked down the hive and peed on the wasps. In this situation there are only two options, kill all the wasps or get the hell out of there. The first is unspeakable, the second the only way to go.

Russia: World Leaders in Political Poisoning There ain't no denying it folks, Russia takes its politics seriously, and while we Americans prefer to ruin our opponents reputations, our political bloodbaths are usually metaphorical. Not in Russia! If you are running for public office against a particularly ruthless foe, or are a former spy critical of perhaps that same ruthless politician, you are likely to suffer greatly before succumbing to the cocktail du jour. There is something brutally Shakespearean about that, though. Personally I would rather be Swiftboated.

More to come...


  1. Yes, I am back! Going over to LJMan's blog now to see what I have been missing!

  2. Welcome back! :)