Saturday, December 02, 2006

Danny on the View

It is the story that is getting all sorts of attention. Danny DeVito, appearing on The View this past week, arrived on the set still intoxicated from his evening out with George Clooney (and who among us wouldn't be?)

I was reluctant to chime in on this silliness, but I am sick of hearing comparisons in the news to Mel Gibson, George Allen and the like...I don't think DeVito was anything but charming and adorable on The he was a little stewed...he wasn't insulting (well unless you are George Bush, and even then not so much). He was just goofy Danny DeVito, business as usual.

You go Danny, you know you are as cute as a man can be, and next time you are out with George drinking Lemoncellos please include Ms. Liberaltruthsayer. I would be delighted to join you gents!

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