Monday, July 03, 2006

Big Mess O' Potamia: Al-Zarqawi's Speed Dial

The Bush Administration has repeatedly denounced critics of the war by citing the big success story, that of the instillation of a new government. It would seem, however, that we may be vesting our faith in the wrong hands....


  1. From blogger Ron Franscell at

    So abu Musab al Zarqawi's cell phone contained the telephone numbers of high-ranking Iraq government officials. What was he calling them about ... bad trash pickup and late delivery of his newspaper?

    So, our own government is monitoring OUR phone calls, but the top terrorist scumbag in Iraq apparently can call bureaucrats and politicians -- and maybe order pizza and beer -- without ever being noticed. Did anybody think to monitor phone calls in Iraq ... or might that have been too invasive?

  2. Excellent point, LT. And thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cara (pretty name),

    Your blog is a bit more political than mine, though we share many of the same interests. I'm much more of a moderate , sometimes leaning to the left or right. But I believe that extremism on either side is a total and complete loser. I admire few Republicans and even fewer Democrats, mainly because I abhor all politicians.
    While being raised in a conservative, Christian home, I eventually had to explore to find my own belief system.

    Though I write about current events and the news, I also like to delve into personal topics and occasionally topics that probably no one cares about except myself.

    In short, it's just fun to write. I'm sure that no one will agree with me 100% of the time, but that certainly doesn't mean they are wrong...

    I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog. Yours is also great reading and viewing...

  4. Big Mess O Potamia...

    great post headline!