Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Greatest Thing I Have Read Online

The Political and the Personal by Dave Neiwert

This is so good I couldn't help myself. Stroll on over to Orcinus to check out the best blog I have ever seen. I was going to post something ELSE of his but this is just the best, most eloquent writing I have seen in ages! You will want to run out and buy all Dave Neiwert's books, and I am sure he would appreciate it if we all did just that.

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Beautifully written! check the dictionary definitions of liberal and conservative.. Liberal is generous and giving.. In scripture liberal is generous and giving. Conservative isn't in the King James version... I think there is a reason for that.
    Look up fascism in your Webster's... It fits Coulter, Rush and Falwell to a T! This business with the New York Times needs to be watched carefully in view of what happens to dissenters.. ie Dixie Chicks, Dan Rather, the wilsons, et al